Hello world remixed :)

Hi dear visitor, welcome to this simple website. 

Where did it come from ?

It’s simple. I needed a way to express myself and writing for fun was the best option for me. So I decided to go for a challenge:

Create a blog and write a post in less than 1 hour.

Cool right ? 

That’s what I did, I take a cool domain name at $1. I have already a hosting, so I just linked it to the domain name. After that, I have installed WordPress and pickup a simple theme and voila! My website is online. So easy but so satisfying.

What’s next ?

Thanks for reading this post, I really appreciate.  I am not a blogger or a professional writer. I am not even a native English (Actually I am just a software developer :p) but I am here to also improve myself. If you can help, just drop a comment.


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